Growing Wireless Networks Faster, Smarter, and more Effectively.
Accelerating Your Growth Cycle
FLEX Deployment Solutions is a top-tier regional leader in network deployment. Our talented and dedicated team is here to make sure your wireless network projects are a complete success – with fewer delays, less surprises, and with controlled costs.
  • Vendor Management
    Daily vendor calls create accountability; managing issues while driving commitments.
  • Intelligence
    Our OneVizion partnership gives all stakeholders greater clarity and simplifies communication.
  • Performance
    Weeky/monthly/quarterly reports highlight progress vs goals and forecast completion.
  • Project Governance
    Internal governance of our PMs ensures FLEX is advancing the project as aggressively as possible.
We’re a Network Deployment Project Management Company.
We bring clarity, control, risk-mitigation and speed-to-completion to everything we do.
Site Acquisition Services
  • Site Selection
  • Leasing, Zoning & Permitting
  • A&E Services
  • Environmental & Regulatory Services
Project Management
  • Centralized PM Headquarters
  • Project Performance Reporting
  • Daily Vendor Calls
  • Internal Governance of Project Team
Construction Management
  • On Site Construction Monitoring
  • Ownership of Construction Issues
  • Driving Weekly Commitments
  • Utility Coordination