FLEX Leadership

leadership /ˈlēdərˌSHip/ (def.): the act of guiding others on the way to move towards a common goal

Matt Jarfi

Founder, President, CEO

I founded FLEX Deployment Solutions out of a desire to create a better way to manage wireless network deployments and avoid the frustration of problems that were made worse by ignoring issues that could have been prevented with proactive management and oversight.

At FLEX, I’ve built a team, a culture, and processes and procedures that mitigate the typical headaches of network deployments through focused determination, structured procedures, increased transparency, and more frequent and effective communication.

Through our hard work, determination, and discipline, we’ve completed over 300 projects for carriers, WISPs, OEMs, and others in our first two years of business.

Jennifer Jack

Director of Operations

Jennifer is a senior-Level PM professional with demonstrated continuous success in managing 5G initial launch, Macro New Builds and Macro Modifications spanning across multiple jurisdictions. She is known for propelling continuous improvement and process efficiencies in Engineering, Program Management and Purchasing.

Jennifer remains dedicated to identifying ways to evolve teams, increase revenue, reduce expenditures, and maximize customer satisfaction. She is also skilled at leading and directing teams in diverse functions including long-term planning, financial analysis, financial performance, and the implementation of large-scale projects.