Founded in August 2017 to create, “A Better Way to Manage Wireless Network Deployment.”

FLEX sets its Project Management services apart by adhering to it’s 4 pillars of Project Management.

  • Synchronization
    Our strategic partnership with OneVizion provides a single project management platform where clients, project managers, and vendors can see ALL aspects of a project, making sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Beat
    Our commitment to DAILY vendor calls ensures we maintain the most up-do-date and accurate information about how a project is developing, and ensures quick solutions to problems, as they develop.
  • Rhythm
    Is our way of saying that we regularly report back to our clients on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.
  • Harmony
    Our way of maintaining client satisfaction through an additional layer of accountability, whereby we ensure our PMs adhere to our values of ACTIVE, rather than passive project-management..
Core Values

Our core values of innovation, dependability, passion, and speed lead us to reinvent the way “standard” industry services are delivered. Whether we are contracted for site acquisition, project management, construction management, or as a full end-to-end partner, our goal is the same; to achieve our clients’ quarterly expansion targets quicker and easier.

Over 300 Successful Projects in just two years

In our first two years of operation, we’ve successfully completed over 300 projects for carriers, WISPs, OEMs and other wireless industry clients across the Southeast and Midwestern United States.